Astoria to Portland

Day 81 – Friday May 19, 2017
Miles – 36
End – The Bike Inn, Clatskanie, OR

We were searching for places to stay and found bicyclists only lodging at the Bike Inn. We were so intrigued we had to stay. It was a lovely little place, and we were the only guests that night. We enjoyed dinner outside overlooking the river. We had a great conversation with George who is a short term tenent above The Bike Inn. He has two Jack Russel Terriers of his own and Monte took a quick liking to him.


Day 82 – Saturday May 20, 2017
Miles – 39
End – Bayport RV Campground & Marina, St Helen, OR

We took the recommended back road, Beaver Falls Road, from the Bike Inn and enjoyed beautiful riding along a river and falls. We took another side route and got a peak at some snow capped mountains before cruising down to Scappoose Bay. The Kayak rentals ended at 5:30, so we made a point to wake up early and get out on the water before heading to Portland the next day.


Day 83 – Sunday May 21, 2017
Miles – 30
End – Laura & Stephen’s House, Portland, OR

Scappoose Bay offered some incredible paddling. You head straight for an island that is mostly flooded because the water level is near record highs, allowing you to paddle through the forest and then find your way out… or get lost. There are an abundance of eagles and ospreys. We had Monte give the paddle board a go after Morgan returned from her journey.  It was so much fun paddling. We definitely want to integrate it into our lives after this trip.

We had a relatively short and flat ride to Portland, where we had arranged to stay with a Warm Showers host. The weather was a little hot for biking, but the Portland had come alive.


Day 84 – Monday May 22, 2017
Miles – 12 (unloaded)
End – Laura & Stephen’s House, Portland, OR

We took a bike ride down the trail along the Wilamette River to a little park with a dog park. We let Monte off the leash, as permitted, and Monte bee-lined for the pier, of course. As Morgan was chasing after him, a woman recognized her and Monte. We had run into her while biking many days back, as she was headed south with another friend. Apparently, they got tired of the trip and headed back to Portland – small world.

We didn’t let Monte dive off the pier, but he got a good swim in at the canoe launch/dog beach.


Day 85 – Tuesday May 23, 2017
Miles – 7
End – Steve & Courtney’s House, Portland, OR

We took only one picture this day. It was a good day. We relaxed. I ordered a new phone since mine had been shutting down at random. We biked through the city and met Steve at Hopworks Bike Bar on Williams St, which Steve recommened to us for obvious reasons. Monte met their dogs Docker and Larry, and we had a delicious dinner at Spitz with Steve and Courtney.  They are friends of mine from college.  It was so great to see them and settle in at their house.


Selfie at Laura & Stephen’s

Day 86 – Wednesday May 24, 2017
Miles – 0
End – Steve & Courtney’s House, Portland, OR

We took the train to downtown Portland and left Monte behind with Steve (thanks, Steve!). We had Voodoo Doughnuts, visited to Powell’s Books, shopped at REI, and had lunch at TILT Burger. It was our tourist day.

Steve took us out to a nearby neighborhood for a dinner pizza and beer. We were really soaking in the comforts of Portland life.

Day 87 – Thursday May 25, 2017
Miles – 0
End – Steve & Courtney’s House, Portland, OR

On our last night in Portland, Steve took us to the Kennedy School, which until the 70s was an elementary school, and in the 90s it became a repurposed development with bars, restuarants, a hotel and movie theater. We had never been to any place like it. We got a beer at one of the bars and walked around admiring the grounds, art, and memorabilia.

Day 88 – Friday May 26, 2017
Miles – 29
End – Bayport RV Campground & Marina, Portland, OR

On the morning of our departure, Larry was finally getting used to Monte being around. After throwing Docker the ball for the thousandth time, we said goodbye. It was tough to leave. It was so nice to spend time with friends and relax. It’s been three months, and we are starting to feel a little road weary. We’re really looking forward to Seattle where we can connect with some friends again.

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