Hanging in the Bay Area

Day 33 – Saturday April 1, 2017
Miles – 32
End – Adriana’s House, Tiburon, CA

It was a beautiful ride into the city and we took a somewhat leisurely pace. We had lunch in Golden Gate Park. There was bit of weekend vehicle and bicycle traffic through the park. We were passing a line of cars waiting to go through a stop sign and one car had the windows down. I overheard the passenger say aloud to the driver as we pedaled by, “I hate those goddam bikers…”. Oh those bikers… biking… in a park… how dare they. At the Golden Gate Bridge, we couldn’t figure out how to get on the cyclist path so we asked someone who was biking the opposite way how to get to it and he turned around and guided us to the entrance!

We made it to Adriana’s house! Her street is very, very steep so she drove down to meet us and collect our bags while we walked our empty bikes up, which was still quite difficult. We were greeted by her family gathered for dinner.  Her dad made us delicious pre-dinner cocktails. It hits you quite hard after a day of strenuous exercise before eating.

Days 34, 35 & 36

Adriana is my best friend and roommate from college. So it was very special to be able to spend so much time with her! We spent three nights at Adriana’s parent’s, visiting, lounging, doing laundry, having meals with her and her family and staying up too late talking. Her father also made us a delicious cocktails every single night. She and her parents were generous hosts and opened up their house for us to use. Monte really enjoyed his stay too. He spent time going for walks on the trail by their house and napping in the sun. Thank you so much for having us!

On Sunday we went into the city for dim sum with friends Dave and Andrew. On Tuesday, I biked into the city via the ferry to have lunch with Adriana on her lunch hour. My friend Steph happened to be in town for a conference so I got to swing over and see her for a bit while she got ready to do conference stuff.

Day 37 Wednesday April 5, 2017
Miles – 23
End – Samuel Taylor State Park, Lagunitas, CA

All good things must come to an end, so we left Tiburon and headed out.  The bicycle route took us through all the cute towns north of San Francisco. Just before the campground was Lagunita, CA which is not where the beer is made nor is there a taproom.  I was disappointed to learn this, but the store in town did happen to stock many varieties of Lagunitas beer. We were joined in the hike bike site by a hiker and three bikers. This was the most crowded our campsite has been yet on the trip. The cyclists were in on overnight trips from San Francisco. The campsite was surrounded by redwood trees and was right along the river. We took Monte on a long walk on a beautiful path through the forest. I regret not getting a picture of it.

– Morgan

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