Pismo Beach with Friends

Day 10 – Thursday March 9, 2017
Miles – 50
End – David & Emi’s House, Pismo Beach, CA

We had a another big day, right after the last. It started with a climb of 900′, but it was a gentler slope with some shade and a twisty and turny road. That is nice because you can’t tell how far is left; you just bike to the next turn, then the next then the next. Our destination was David and Emi’s house in Pismo Beach. They are friends of mine from college. We got there just after dark.

We were welcomed by David. He ministered to us with homemade pizza, beer, orange slices, frozen chocolate pie and tea, all brought to us while we sat on the couch because we were too tired to move.

Day 11 – Friday March 10, 2017
Miles – 0
End – David & Emi’s House, Pismo Beach, CA

We cleaned up from dinner the night before and I made Emi an Aeropress coffee. It is nice to be able to offer some hospitality even though all our belongings are on our bikes. We did laundry and walked around the considerable grounds that their house is on. We walked down the hill to Pismo and had lunch, walked with Monte on the beach (the first beach we’ve been to where dogs are allowed!), got Monte some special dog biscuits, got ice cream cones and beer to bring back to the house. We spent the evening catching up with David and Emi. We had clam chowder bread bowls by the ocean. David plays the sitar! He brought it out and showed me how to play. And we fiddled around on their guitars and my ukelele.

DAY 12 – Saturday March 11, 2017
Miles – 28.9
End – Morro Bay State Park, Morro Bay, CA

Good bye guys! Thanks for a wonderful few days!

We biked through San Lius Obispo to get to Morro Bay. It was a beautiful ride and SLO seems like a nice place. A man at the Trader Joe’s there stopped to talk to us and offered for us to stay at his house, but it wasn’t near our route. He had just finished a 70 mile ride and was on his way home, via car.

– Morgan

One thought on “Pismo Beach with Friends

  1. Thanks for sharing your travels with us, even though being off the grid is nice — I enjoyed seeing the photos and hearing where you’ve been. Be safe!


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